Imaginary Realms:

The Art of Stones and Crystals

By George Fellner

November 29th (7-9 pm)

Free to Public

This program reveals the visual exploration of stones and crystals through macro photography as illustrated through the theme of Imaginary Realms. Starting with mineralogy, the initial spark for this journey and criteria for implementation of this source material is described. The description of camera equipment, along with photo shoot setup reveals the technical considerations. The visual display of images expresses the ongoing evolvement of this form of abstract imagery. Influential art movements including Impressionism, Expressionism, Cubism, and Surrealism are examined. Revelations involving points of departure include messages from history, mythology, and the sciences. In turn, this defines the associative relationships of the images with meaningful messages. The creative process results in Imaginary Realms, evoking ancient and future fantasies, as well as planetary and cosmic-scapes, traversing space, time, and dimension. Ultimately, the intent is to stimulate the imagination of both the photographer, as well as the observer. This presentation includes case studies, photographic and post-processing techniques, lighting strategies, as well as gallery show examples. 


George Fellner, architect and photographer, is a graduate of Virginia Tech (B. Architecture) and the University of Florida (M. Architecture). His photographs have been exhibited in art galleries and museums in Connecticut since 2003. Many of George’s works are shown in permanent exhibits in private art collections at the Yale University School of Medicine, Jackson Laboratory at the University of Connecticut, and the NYC headquarters of Nature Genetics (International Science Journal). He also published Imaginary Realms: The Visual Language of Stones and Crystals in 2016.  

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