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Expressive Landscape Workshop:

"The Emotional Content"

with Hannah Jung
Saturday, June 16 (10 am - 4 pm)

Member: $115.

Non-Member: $120.

*If you have your paints and other supplies, bring your own; if not, please contact us at  We will prepare all your supplies!

In this full-day workshop, participants will learn to deal with making choices for their paintings based on the "intent" and/or the “emotional” content to be derived from the painting.  Participants will discover the reasons for their choices of subjects and learn ways to deliver its intention.  Using that information, the participants will enable themselves to be more expressive through this painting process. 

The goal of this workshop is to give the artist the information needed to use basics such as composition, color and subject matter to create paintings that go beyond being technically proficient to something that has a much deeper emotional connection to both the artist and the viewer.

Participants will learn to create work from small sketches, using photo references as inspirational resources for more personal and genuine response to a scene.  Then, they will create dramatic skies in combination with atmospheric landscapes.  Through demo and lecture, the instructor will guide students step by step through the stages of creating process.  At the end of the day, students will leave this workshop with a finished piece and ready to experiment more on their own.  Students will be pointed toward meaningful, personal, artistic growth.

The workshop will include lecture and demonstrations, individual painting time, personalized instruction and group discussions aimed to promote progress.  In addition, the instructor will introduce natural oil medium (see the supply list) to create a safe non-toxic oil painting studio environment for the welfare of all concerned.  While demonstrations and advice on technique will be geared toward oil painters, artists who are more comfortable working in other mediums are welcome.

Supply List

1.  References:  The instructor will supply specific reference photos to choose in advance via email, which

    will help you achieve the goal of this workshop.  Based on your understanding of these references, you

    are welcome to bring your own references to the workshop if you would like.

2.  Thumbnail sketch materials will be provided.    

3.  Paint brushes: large (appx. 2”) & medium (smaller than 2”) size flat, fan, and small filbert brushes.

4.  Paint knives:  A couple of different sizes and shapes

5.  Canvas: Size of canvas: about 16” x 20”, more or less.  Students are encouraged to bring one of their old, failed canvas for experimentation or students could prepare a new one with mid-tone underpainting before the class:  Please allow time in your schedules to base coat a canvas well before class.  If using acrylic, please thin with a little water.  It is essential that your canvases are dry before start of class.  

6.  Oil paints:  Any brand of paints at the professional level

7.  Medium:  Solvent-free oil medium such as M. Graham Walnut/Alkyd Medium will be provided.

8.  Brush Cleaner:  We recommend safflower oil to clean your brush during the work process.  We will provide solvent-free, non-toxic, & non-flammable brush cleaner, Turpenoid Natural.    


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