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The Voice of Art Juried Artist
Christine Ivers

The Artwork of Christine Ivers has been described as vibrant and textural with dynamic light.  The effects she achieves can run the gamut between high contrast and a gentle softness that brings to life the paintings she creates.  From the contrasts of night's darkness and glowing lights in what she calls her "NightScapes," to the subtle play of colors filtered through nature's atmosphere in her landscape paintings, Chris paints with a freedom that is easily seen in the strokes of pastel as well as in her oils.  


Chris attained a BFA in painting and two-dimensional design from Hartford Art School in 1973 and found work in the advertising field for the last 40 years, after which she returned to her love of painting.  She is the Past-President of the CT Pastel Society, former member of PSA Board of Governors where she is a Master Pastelist, and was inducted into the IAPS Master Circle of Pastelists.  She is the current Vice President of IAPS and is affiliated with numerous pastel societies and art organizations.   

Chris lives with her husband David in central Connecticut.

“Finding what lies between the shadows of darkness and reflective lights is what drives my excitement to paint the night.  Explorations of the colors that are imperceptible to the naked eye are endless.  When that barely visible layer collides with light, the creativity begins!  Pigments, transitions and reflections all play their part.  My goal is to have my viewers fall into that world to discover what they normally wouldn’t take time to see.”

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