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The Voice of Art Juried Artist
George Fellner
George Fellner, architect and photographer, is a graduate of Virginia Tech (B. Architecture) and the University of Florida (M. Architecture).  His photographs have been exhibited in art galleries and museums in Connecticut since 2003.  Many of his works are in permanent exhibits in private art collections at the Yale University School of Medicine, Jackson Laboratory at the University of Connecticut, and the NYC headquarters of Nature Genetics (International Science Journal).  George also published Imaginary Realms: The Visual Language of Stones and Crystals in 2016.  
The process begins with the visual exploration of stones and crystals that store information revealing intriguing patterns.  While the eyes survey the compositions of colors, tonal variations, and textures, the mind is stimulated to visualize a myriad of possibilities.  In essence, nature’s hidden beauty is extracted from within real-world materials.  The act of discovery is then juxtaposed with hidden memories and inner dreams.  Messages from history, mythology, culture, geology, astronomy, biology, and spirituality provide a plethora of potential points of departure.  This creative process results in imaginary realms, evoking ancient and future fantasies, as well as planetary and celestial-scapes, traversing space, time, and dimension.
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Virtual Presentation: "Imaginary Realms"
Artist Presentation 

These Videos were made possible by David A. Smith

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