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The Voice of Art Juried Artist
Michele Tragakiss
I am a third-generation artist who was heavily influenced by my mother’s technical illustrations and her paintings.
Most of my work begins with only a color scheme. At the start of my work I spread paint in an exhilarating period of complete freedom, energy and expression. Moving paint around the canvas, I am informed by my gut and instincts – one color guides another, one shape dictates the next. Brushes, scrapers, sponges, pencils and my hands, attempt to speak the truth of what is hidden in my psyche. After this initial development the real work begins—the work of tearing down and rebuilding, the work of trying to unify multiple visions so that there will be one coherent story. There is always struggle before the resolution, but it is in the act of painting that a narrative emerges and perhaps even some meaning from this mysterious place.
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