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Moon Rūt

Newtown CT

Mixed Media / Home

Briana Man

About the Artist

Briana started Moon Rūt as a company with a promise to hand make every product using ingredients she sources both organically, & from the least polluted places on Earth. It doesn't get cleaner than this. Moon Rūt's products are made from the highest quality, raw, natural ingredients. Nothing synthetic - ever. Her goal is to create a company with clean products you can truly trust. The proof is in the ingredient list. On each product is the phase & zodiac the moon was in when she made that batch.


MoonLight/Organic Beeswax Candle/9 oz/≈30 hr/$32


Dead Sea Bath Salts/7 oz/≈5 baths/$13


Grass fed, grass finished tallow balm/4 oz/$34-$38


Tallow & Dead Sea Salt Scrub/≈8 oz/$36

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