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David Rosenberg

Fairfield, CT

Mixed Media

Another Bright Idea

About the Artist

Another Bright Idea showcases technical art with a function. David started Another Bright Idea because of his innate curiosity and fascination with industrial artifacts. Since then he has brought on his daughter Marci to help create their art. David is self-taught as a metal-smith and inventor d'art and he is training Marci to do the same. The two find different objects originally designed purely for function and turn a dusty junk pile into a one-of-a-kind collector's item.


Smart Lamp / mixed media / 34" / 400.00


Gumball Light / mixed media / 24" / 350.00


Lilly of Love / mixed media / 20" / 50.00


Little Lantern / Mixed media / 15" / 200.00

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