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Jonathan Morel

Belchertown, MA

Wood Works

Morel Woodcarving

About the Artist

I came to spoon making as a woodcarver which has informed my work. I believe a good wooden spoon should be both beautiful and feel good in the hand. If these things are important to the spoon maker, they are also important to the spoon user, so I present these functional items as a form of kitchen art that will enhance the experience of the cooks who create their own forms of kitchen art. No one ever said a spoon needs to be ugly just because it’s a tool!


maple leaf bowl, wood, 6"x6", $53


spoons, wood, 10" - 14", $12 - $47


mice, wood, 4" $22


wood spirits, wood, approx 6" - 8", $25 - $35

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