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Shaunda Hale

Bloomfield, CT

Mixed Media

Love Creations by Shaunda

About the Artist

With an open-heart and artistic hands, Shaunda Hale, designs and creates a semi-precious stone gift line in her art company Love Creations by Shaunda LLC. Greeting cards, wall art, table art and even sneakers with semi-precious stone work can be found in Shaunda’s boutique gift line. A former correction officer, Shaunda used the power and peace of semi-precious stones to help her stay centered in her truth while on duty. Shaunda now pours her love and creative energy into all her creations.


Butterfly Notes/stones on paper/5x3.5in (4pc)/$24


Turquoise Rose Keepsake/stones on paper/5x7in/$33


Hummingbird Note/stones on paper/5x3.5in (4pc)/$26


Lapis Rose Keepsake/stones on paper/5x7in/$33

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