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The Voice of Art's

Fine Art Festival

on the Sharon Green

(formerly known as "Litchfield Art Festival")

September 21–22 (10am-5pm)

@ Sharon Town Green (63 Main Street, Sharon, CT)

Free and Open to the Public

Fine Art & Functional Art

The Voice of Art is thrilled to invite you to its FOURTH annual outdoor juried fine art show, “Fine Art  Festival" on the Sharon Green (formerly known as Litchfield Art Festival)  This show will be a highlight for collectors and residents from the Tri-State region, New England and beyond.  The Litchfield Hills have a history and reputation of featuring top fine artists from across the country, and also many well-known and beloved New England and CT artists who are widely admired by art enthusiasts. 

The Voice of Art is committed to offering its best promotional efforts in order to present featured artists’ high-quality work for maximum results.  Attracting thousands of visitors, the festival will provide each exhibitor the opportunity to show his or her work to its best advantage, to support the purchase of original fine art and handmade functional art, and to foster art appreciation.  All work will be juried on originality, workmanship, and professional presentation, with the expectation that all work displayed at the Festival will reflect the high caliber indicated in the images the applicant initially submitted for jury.

TVOA’s highlighted key efforts will include:

  • The event press release, sent to many local newspapers and community digital platforms (civic, cultural, and tourism organizations)

  • Festival lawn signs, displayed on major roads in the Litchfield Hills (subject to the permit from the town authority)

  • Printed show invitation postcards and brochures, distributed to thousands of residents and businesses in the Litchfield Hills communities

  • Social media platforms, shared through multiple social media groups in Litchfield and the surrounding communities

  • TVOA E-Newsletters featuring the festival and sent to its thousands of subscribers multiple times 

  • LAF ONLINE CATALOG featuring all artists’ profile pages, linked to their websites and social media accounts to reach broader audiences, from June 15 to 30, for maximum exposure

Town of Sharon in the Litchfield Hills


Known for its grand estates, the Town of Sharon is a quaint town in Litchfield County in Connecticut and a civic-minded community that is centered on an enormous Town Green featuring a handsome stone library, a red-brick historical society. Nestled in the foothills of the Berkshires, Sharon has very beautiful areas to walk or hike, providing many opportunities for recreation and a way to enjoy the scenic beauty. It is also home to lovely farm lands to visit and enjoy.  A stone clock tower erected in 1885-86 welcomes visitors from neighboring New York State and still provides them with the accurate time. Residents are justly proud of the TriArts Sharon Playhouse, a summer theater that now offers productions year round. Depending on the season, you can pick your own strawberries, raspberries, apples and pumpkins at Ellsworth Hill Orchard and Berry Farm, and you can always explore flora and fauna at the Sharon Audubon Center, which has over eleven miles of scenic hiking trails on 1,147 acres of mixed forest, meadows, wetlands, ponds and streams.


Truly an historical town, but at the same time, proximity to Manhattan keeps this corner of Connecticut contemporary.  The Litchfield Hills are a popular escape for city folk, who in turn have helped raise the bar for restaurants and accommodations in the area — turning what has long been a destination for antiquers into a haven for foodies, as well.  Its shops and restaurants, set around the historic green and immediate area, contribute to the 18th century New England town atmosphere.  And, along with the beautiful rural setting that includes the Beckley Iron Furnace State Park, Twin Lakes and the Wononskopomuc Lake, Lime Rock Park and Salisbury Ski Jumps offer many outdoor activities.

EXHIBITOR ELIGIBILITY:  The show is open to all persons, regardless of race, color, creed, sexual orientation, or national origin.  The exhibiting artist must be present during show hours.  No dealers, agents, artist representatives or sit-ins are allowed.


All fine art and handmade functional artwork displayed must be one-of-a-kind, original work created by the artist. Exhibitors may not exhibit commercial suppliers or art crafts.  The LAF Committee reserves the right to require an exhibitor to remove artwork or objects on display that (a) do not conform to the rules of the show or (b) that are, in the opinion of the Committee, detrimental to the good public image of the show.  In an effort to maintain the high quality of fine artwork at the festival, the Committee will be actively checking booths.  Exhibitors will be asked to remove any artwork, prints, excess browse bins that do not meet our show specifications.

Prints, Reproductions including Giclees (Exclusion: Photography) that have received handmade enhancements by the artist may not be framed or hung on the walls of the exhibitor’s tent.  All reproductions must be clearly labeled as reproductions.  They must be signed, numbered, wrapped, and displayed in print racks or bins.  No more than 20% of an exhibitor’s display may be devoted to reproductions.  Sale of note cards is allowed provided that they constitute no more than 10% of an exhibitor’s display.


Fine Non-Functional Art:

  • Painting (oil, watercolor, pastel, encaustic, gouache, acrylic, etc.)

  • Sculpture (wood, metal, clay, glass)

  • Mixed Media (2D/3D)        

  • Digital Art

  • Graphics/Drawing

  • Printmaking

  • Photography:  Archival prints with acid-free mats. Prints may be paper or metal. Framed/matted and/or unframed/matted paper prints. Metal prints do not need to be framed. No unframed photography on canvas prints. Exhibited framed images cannot be duplicated.  Numbered and signed reproductions (unframed/matted) may be stored in a browse bin.


Fine Functional Art:

  • Ceramics (Multiple pieces of the same design must be signed by the artist)

  • Glass

  • Leather

  • Fiber/Paper Arts (handmade, wearable, hangable or otherwise usable)

  • Wood Works (hand-tooled or machine-worked)

  • Metal

  • Jewelry (Note: Application for Jewelry category may be closed earlier than other categories for a balanced exhibition; must include some elements that are handcrafted by the artist; excludes the assemblage of mass-produced items from third parties



  • Applicants are juried on a rolling basis until filled and notified of acceptance within 10 days of receipt of their applications (Final Call: August 15)  

  • Applications that are incomplete will not be juried until all materials and fees are received.



Application Fee:

  • A non-refundable application and processing fee of $25 is required to complete your application process.

  • TVOA Members will be waived from the Application Fee.

  • If you apply for both events and are accepted, your Application Fee will be waived in the following year.

  • Please note that any submission without the Application Fee won’t be considered reviewing the artwork.

  • Online payment only.



  • If you have applied and been accepted for one event, you are automatically accepted to the other events you applied for (ON A FIRST-COME, FIRST-SERVED BASIS).

  • LAF Spring: Once you are accepted and receive an invoice, the payment due will be within 15 days.  

  • LAF Fall: Once you are accepted and receive an invoice AFTER May 1, the payment will be due within 15 days.

  • If you apply for both shows, your will receive a separate invoice for each event.

  • A Late fee of $25 will be applied AFTER 15 days of the invoice being issued.


FAF Fall By July 15:    

  • Single Booth space (10’x10’): $275.

  • Single Booth Corner space (10’x10’): $315.

  • Double Booth space (10’x20’): $515. 

  • Double Booth Corner space (10’x20’): $555. 


FAF Fall AFTER  July 15:

  • Single Booth space (10’x10’): $315.

  • Single Booth Corner space (10’x10’): $365.

  • Double Booth space (10’x20’): $595. 

  • Double Booth Corner space (10’x20’): $635. 

CANCELLATION POLICY: If you are accepted to the show and then cancel on or before Aug. 10, 2024, we will return your booth fee less a $100 administrative charge. There will be no refunds for cancellations made AFTER Aug. 10, 2024.



  Each exhibitor booth space is single (10’x10’) or double (10’x20’) booth spaces. 

  • SET-UP TIME: Exhibitors may set up 3-6 pm, Friday, Sept. 20th, or 7-9:30 am, Saturday, Sept. 21st.  Exhibitors must be set up by 9:30 am.  The Show Committee will inspect all tents prior to opening. 

  • BREAKDOWN TIMES:  Exhibitors may not break down their booth displays during show hours without permission from the Show Committee.

  • The Voice of Art's Fine Art Festival is an outdoor art festival. Displays must be able to withstand crowds, wind, rain, and weather conditions. The show goes on — rain or shine!

  • White tents are required. Exhibitors must supply their own tents and display racks and are solely responsible for setting up and securing all exhibit equipment.

  • Your entire booth set-up, including overhangs and display units, must remain within your booth space perimeter – no exceptions.

  • All booths must be enclosed on three sides (except corners) with a minimum height of 6ft.

  • Exhibitors are responsible for their own property in the event of loss, damage, or personal injury

  • Placement is assigned, and is based on first come/first served.  Exhibitors may not relocate or move their assigned space.

  • There can be NO STAKING DOWN. Please bring your own weights.

  • NO SMOKING on the green or near booths. 

  • We do not provide overnight security (however, the Litchfield community is one of the safest areas in CT).

  • Electricity is not available at the show site. Gas generators are not allowed.

  • Do not display ribbons from other shows, even from our previous shows.

  • Please be a good neighbor and keep your space clean and tidy.

  • Do not bring pets to the show.

  • Details on set-up, parking, and breakdown will be sent to artists once their work is selected.

SALES TAX:  Exhibitors must have a valid Connecticut Sales Tax Identification Number.

  • If you do not have a CT Sales Tax ID Number, apply to the Department of Revenue Services, Hartford, CT, (860) 297-5962.  In the meantime, submit your Show application noting that your CT Sales Tax ID application is pending.

(Retailers that are required to file the Sales and Use Tax Return may register online through myconneCT. Go to myconneCT, under Business Registration, click New Business/Need a CT Registration Number? There is a $100 fee for registering to collect sales and use tax. After registering, you will receive a Sales and Use Tax Permit that should be displayed conspicuously for your customers to see.)

QUESTIONS: If you have any questions, please email


  • LIABILITY:  Neither THE VOICE OF ART nor any participating party is responsible for loss or damage to any Artwork before, during, and after the exhibition.  All accepted artists will be required to sign the Hold Harmless Agreement provided by TVOA in the application form.  We recommend that artists should carry their own insurance.

  • Application and Boot Fees:  Booth fees is due upon acceptance to confirm participation. 

  • Credit Card failure:  Subject to a $50.00 fee

  • Any willful violation or misrepresentation regarding the work as defined in our rules will result in forfeiture of space.

  • ARTIST'S CONSENT:  By submitting your application to this exhibition, all artists agree to allow reproductions of their digital files and/or photographs taken of their art for any educational, marketing, archival, publicity and public relations purposes by THE VOICE OF ART management.

  • RESTRICTIONS:  By submitting your application, you acknowledge that you are at least 18 years of age and the original creator of the artwork.  

  • IMAGE CONTENT:  Litchfield Art Festival is open to visitors of all ages.  As such, we ask that displayed artwork be suitable for viewing by all ages.  Fine art implied nude artwork will be subject to review and approval. Fine art nude artwork cannot be accepted for the show.  LAF Committee reserves the right to determine suitability of any artwork displayed.

Litchfield Art Festival is made possible by:

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