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Services for Artists

Be an Innovative Artist!

Digital Reproduction of Your Art
Professional digital photographing with post-processing


Capturing the beauty of artwork with a camera has always been a challenge. Sure, it's easy to take photos of artwork, but to reproduce the full range of colors, textures, and tones that will carry the power of the original, that is a much greater challenge. There is growing demand for high-quality digital files for juried shows, portfolios, and even for limited edition inkjet prints. In many cases artists themselves may not have the skills to achieve the quality image for the task at hand, and that's where The Voice of Art can support artists at a fraction of cost you might otherwise spend!​​  We can also help you with any kind of digital image services: Art reproduction, resizing, editing your image files and more.  

Contact us for our additional assistance. 

photographing artwork 2.jpg
photographing artwork 1.jpg

Service Pricing Guide

  • We require a minimum of 3 artworks per inquiry to provide the service.

  • Each photographing service per artwork includes 3-sets of image files (L/M/S) in 300 dpi and another 3-sets of image files in 72 dpi, totaling 6-sets in different sizes for your convenient use.

  • Any artwork with glass frames must be removed before the photographing service.

  • Please note: If you are 65 or over and demonstrate financial hardship (e.g. 100%-300% Federal Poverty levels), we have ARTE-Accesible Grant available for discounted service charges up to 80% of the original pricing.  Please contact us for details. 

Standard Pricing Guide
Pricing Chart 5-2021.JPG
ARTE-Accesible Pricing Guide
ARTE-Accesible Pricing.JPG
Create a Brilliant Artist Website that will Impress Your Viewers

An outstanding website is essential to the success of any new, emerging, and accomplished artists.

TVOA can help you to create a brilliant website to show off your work.

Your first Introduction to your Work

Your website will often be a viewer's first introduction to your work. Your ability to maximize your online presence goes a long way to getting your name and portfolio out there.  A well designed website has become a crucial medium in and of itself.

A good artist website requires a basic, yet well-thought out design: A good artist website can appear as a professional art gallery designed with plenty of white space on its walls. Simple, clean-cut design using clear design concepts makes your work stand out.

Technology: Whether you like or dislike technology, ignorance of the internet and social networking will put you at a disadvantage. Embrace the change and take advantage of the benefits that modern technology can offer, such as building a new, unlimited clientele through your site and making your work easily accessible by people seeking to find YOU.  


TVOA provides a few sample formats to choose from, as we discuss the elements you need for building your website.  Contact us for a consultation for your current or new web design today!


Essential Design

We can start with five pages of essential categories as below: 

1.   Homepage: Your first introduction

2.   About: Artist Bio & CV/Resume

3.   Gallery/Portfolio: divided by medium, chronological order, or subject.  

4.   News/Events: your show announcement, publicity

5.   Contact: Emailing list, social media

Additional Design

We can add pages according to your needs/nature of your work.  The following are examples, and not an exhaustive list. 

  • Online store/shop

  • Class/Workshop

  • Promo video: See details below.

  • Virtual Solo Show: Embed a 3D walk-through virtual Solo show in your website! See details below.

  • Blog: Are you a good writer? Make your website proactive, inviting your viewers to your upcoming shows and more!

Example of Website
Example of Promo Video

Your Artwork in Interiors

We can help create virtual images of your work in desirable interiors to attract a potential clientele to visualize your art in either private or public spaces as well as promote sales.  Contact us for details.


Share a Promo Video to Attract Your Viewers

Sharing a short 40-sec video with your viewers is a most effective way to attract them to your website and shows. 

  • We can load up to 15 images of your artwork or yourself to this video, with three text boxes introducing who you are and your creative work!

  • Perfectly matched background music will create the optimum atmosphere for your viewers to appreciate your art. 

  • This video can be saved on your computer, embedded into your website, or shared with your viewers through Facebook, Instagram, email blast and more!

  • Contact us for details.

Host Your Own Virtual Solo Show

We can embed a solo 3D walk-through virtual show for your own work!  This virtual show can add a strong statement to enable viewers to visualize your work in their own space!  Contact us for details.

Professional Development for Emerging Artists​​
  • Writing Components:
Artist Statement
Artist Bio
  • Portfolio Review:
Critique of artwork
Art Coaching Services
  • College Portfolio Preparation:
Critique of artwork
Studio Art Services
Consultation for art college applications
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