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 "Warren: The Secret Garden"

Virtual Show: Nov. 1 – Dec. 31, 2020

 Venue Shows @ Litchfield Inn: Nov. 7 – Dec. 13, 2020

Virtual Opening Reception

Bethel Carlson

Carolyn Currie

Clinton Deckert

Jacquelyn Etling

Linda Hubbard

Janet Iffland

Ann Kraus

Sarah Kushwara

Simmie Reagor

Bonnie Riedinger

Suzan Scott

Donald Sexton

Dennis Stuart

Terrence Tougas

Sheila Walton

Craig Young

With DOUBLED visibility and accessibility through The Voice VIRTUAL GALLERY & Selected Venues, 

TVOA is committed to nurturing expanded viewership and enhancing viewers’ experiences with 

our artists’ original artwork in these unique, practical marketplaces. 

Virtual Cover 1.JPG
The 3-D Virtual Exhibition has been closed.
Please click the images below to view the past show.

Meet Our Donors & Sponsors!


We’ve exceeded our Crowdfunding campaign goal of $3,925 to receive a matching grant,

a total of $7,850 from Sustainable CTs Community Match Fund as of Oct. 20!

Your contribution will play a vital role in creating this unique community event!

Passionate Patron! ($500 or more):

   Syed Bokhari, Litchfield Inn (Litchfield) 

   William Allured (Warren)

   John Bourdeau & Ryan Cangello, The OWL (New Preston)


Admired Art Lover! ($250 or more):

   John Favreau, Warren General Store (Warren)

   Joann Makovitzky, Community Table (New Preston)

   Ted Murphy, E.J.Murphy Realty LLC (Litchfield) 

   Larry Komisar, Litchfield Hills Kitchen & Bath (New Preston)

   Mark Battista (Artist, North Haven) 

Friends of Art ($100 or more)

   Beth & Franz Schober, The Hopkins Inn (Warren)

   David Asmar, WKND (Warren)

   Frank Rosa, La Cupola Ristorante & Inn (Litchfield) 

   Bill Shea (Warren) 

   Sean Shea Virtual Intelligence Briefing (Nashua, NH)

   David A. Smith (Meriden)

   George Fellner (Artist, East Haddam)

   Andrew Shoham Jerry's Artarama of CT (West Hartford)

   Peter Doria (West Haven)

   Susan Merrill (Warren) 

   Jody DeLisle, Tender Car Care (Bantam)

   Tim Meeker, Meeker Electric (Warren)

   George Aresco, Wholesale Frame Co. (Meriden)

Community Game Changer ($50): 

   Kathleen Andreasen (Warren) 

   Peter Downs, Warren Auto Repair (Warren)

   Patty Dauten, Patty's Restaurant (Litchfield) 

   Dzevar Adili, Di Franco's Restaurant (Litchfield)

   Mike Dowler, Dowler Garage (New Preston)

   Richard O'Grady, Warren Spirit Shop (Warren)

P-Funded 11.JPG
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