Juried Artists

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1 Your Light will Break out Like the Daw
Hannah Jung (painting)
Deckert _2_ _Hyper-Reaction, oil_ink on
Clinton Deckert
McPhedran_2_Three Boxes IV.jpg
Letitia McPhedran
Mark Battista (painting/photography)
Scoble_3_Wild Waves.jpg
Kim Scoble
Cohen_7_Climate Falls-7.jpg
Richard Alan Cohen
Kraus_11_Warren Wander1.jpeg
Ann Kraus
Sexton_10_Parade Day.jpg
Don Sexton
Paul Murray
Davidson_9_My New Hat Series # 33.jpg
Mary Davidson
Fellner_13_The Multiplicity of Creation.
George Fellner 
Michele Tragakiss
Kendzior_7_Morning Light.jpg
Alan Kendzior
Catherine Natale
Ivers_8_Santa Fe Church.jpg
Christine Ivers
Patty Weise
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