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The Voice of Art Juried Artist
Ann Kraus
Ann Kraus is an abstract painter whose acrylic works and mono-prints depict her interpretation of natural settings and the eternally changing environment. Her work explores light and color as a vehicle for the exploration and celebration of the natural world. The subject matter of skyscapes represents a perfect metaphor for the evolving and changing environment that she has encountered in travels around the globe.


In a recent review of her solo show “Above and Beyond” at Pleiades Gallery in NYC, the art critic David Gibson noted “…she is not just depicting what is there, but is denying the importance of more prosaic and provisional subjects.” He continued the work “alternately confronts the sources of inspiration and products of the imagination.  They coalesce together, alternation between the seen and the perceived. Together they set the mind dancing on the edge of its next range of questions.”

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