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"Three-Person Show"

Virtual & Venues

April 20 – June 19, 2021

Baskin_2_Ox Hollow Farm.jpg
Sarah Baskin
Blue Dream 1-72.jpg
Hannah Jung
Kim Scoble

Experience a Pioneering 3D Walk-through Virtual Gallery!



                    MENU                       INFO 

1) To visit the exhibition, please click anywhere in the image below

2) On the full-view screen (new page), click either "Enter Exhibition" or "Start Guided Tour" 

3) To access different options, click on MENU icon (three bars) on the top right corner

4) Learn about the details of each artwork:

     Click the artwork for a close-up look and click the INFO icon on the top right corner

icon- Threebars.JPG
Upsidedown Exclamation mark1.JPG
Virtual Cover 1.JPG
The 3-D Virtual Exhibition has been closed.
Please click the images below to view the past show.
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