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TVOA Venues

The Voice of Art nurtures expanded viewership in the current art market through business community venues around the state.  TVOA is committed to enhancing viewers’ immediate experiences with our artists’ actual artwork in these unique, practical marketplaces.  With increased visibility and accessibility,

our artists’ original artworks can reach a new potential clientele. 

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Litchfield CT

Town of Litchfield, the Litchfield Hills


The Town of Litchfield in Litchfield County is a scenic country town, nestled in the rolling green hills of Northwestern Connecticut.  Truly an historical town, recently celebrating its tri-centennial, it is where George Washington met with Colonel Tallmadge during the Revolutionary War.  History is treasured here, as evidenced by the meticulously restored homes and the classic village greens.  But at the same time, proximity to Manhattan keeps this corner of Connecticut contemporary.  The Litchfield Hills are a popular escape for city folk, who in turn have helped raise the bar for restaurants and accommodations in the area — turning what has long been a destination for antiquers into a haven for foodies, as well.  Its shops and restaurants, set around the historic green and immediate area, contribute to the 18th century New England town atmosphere. And, of course, the beautiful rural setting that includes Bantam Lake and the White Memorial Conservation, offers many outdoor activities.

The Litchfield Inn, centrally located in Litchfield, right off the main road (Rt. 202) with high visibility, offers easy access to the Festival site, along with beautiful views and a sense of historic and classic New England charm. 


West Hartford CT

This location has a very free-spirited vibe that attracts an energetic community of positive and open-minded business thinkers who love to meet new people. From the inspiring, sophisticated design to our full program of professional events and hospitality services - we involve people in the buzz and energy of Spaces and make them feel at home.  Spaces is inhabited by many forward thinkers, innovators and game changers who are confident of success.  Whether you are a small business, entrepreneur or a corporate intrapreneur, at Spaces we help expand companies' horizons and more. 


Currently, our location is more than 70% occupied on office space alone!  That is not including the multitude of co-working clients who use the open business lounge as well.  Spaces clients range from marketing companies, law firms, realtors, sports management groups, therapists, insurance companies, architects, non-profits, and many others.  Roughly 30-40 clients use the space on a daily basis and that is not including foot traffic/guests. In total, I would say it is around 30-60 people per day if not more. 

At Spaces, artwork does not go unnoticed. At every show, around 10-20 clients/guests comment on the artwork in regards to its boldness, creativity, and beauty. This location gives great exposure to those who are looking for it and serves as great talking points among clients and guests. When bringing artwork to Spaces, you are adding to the beautiful, large, and lively community within. 

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