TVOA's 2nd Annual Juried Exhibition

Salon de Litchfield 2022

Virtual & Venue

June 7 – July 11, 2022 

Submission Deadline: May 22, 2022


Prizes up to $1000 in cash and gift cards

 "Three-Person Show 2023"

Litchfield Inn New photo.jpg

The Litchfield Inn, Litchfield CT

The Voice of Art invites emerging and mid-career artists to submit work that explores personal meaning or interpretation of any ideas and brings their discoveries to light through their artistic sensibilities and skills.  This Annual Juried Exhibition, "Salon de Litchfield" will be held at TVOA’s Virtual Gallery and a select venue, The Litchfield Inn, Litchfield, CT. 

TVOA nurtures expanded viewership in the current art market through our 3D walk-through virtual gallery and business venues around the state.  TVOA is committed to enhancing viewers’ experiences with our artists’ creations in these unique, practical marketplaces.  With increased visibility and accessibility, the artists’ work can reach a broader and more diverse clientele.

Up to FOUR 2D artworks of in ANY medium, style, and subject matter will be considered by the TVOA  Jury.  

Town of Litchfield, the Litchfield Hills


The Town of Litchfield in Litchfield County is a scenic country town, nestled in the rolling green hills of Northwestern Connecticut.  History is treasured here, as evidenced by the meticulously restored homes and the classic village greens.  But at the same time, proximity to Manhattan keeps this corner of Connecticut contemporary.  Its shops and restaurants, set around the historic green and immediate area, contribute to the 18th century New England town atmosphere.  

AWARDS: Prizes up to $1000 in cash and gift cards.

The winners of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place will be invited to TVOA’s "Three-Person Show" in 2023.


SHOW DURATION: June 7 –  July 11, 2022

ONLINE SUBMISSION DEADLINE:  Midnight (EST), May 22, 2022 

EMAIL NOTIFICATION: Midnight (EST), May 26, 2022 

ARTWORK DROP-OFF:  June 5-6, 2022 (To be confirmed)


                Members: Complimentary up to 2 works; $20 for 3 works; $30 for 4 works

              Non-Members: $35 for 2 works; $45 for 3 works; $50 for 4 works

                     Sign up for the TVOA Associate Artist Membership with this entry! 



ELIGIBILITY:  Artists must be 18 years of age to submit artwork for consideration by TVOA.  Works must be current and created in January 2018 or after.  Original works of art only (no reproductions).  Maximum frame size should be no longer than 40” in width or height.  Must be wired and ready for hanging.


VIRTUAL Exhibition: ALL accepted artwork will be displayed at TVOA’s Virtual Gallery.

VENUE Exhibitions: ALL accepted artwork will be automatically reviewed for venue exhibitions. However, the final selections will be determined at the discretion of the venue administration upon the venue’s availability and agreement.

PAYMENTS: Check in mail, credit/debit card or PayPal 

Please note that any submission without the Entry Fee won’t be considered.



  • Image File Format & Size: a high-quality jpeg, 72 dpi, between 500Kb and 2 MB in size

  • The digital photo images must not include any borders or frames unless they are part of the original artwork.    

  • If you need help with digital images of your work, please contact us for our service. 



QUESTIONS: If you have any questions, please email TheVoiceofArtOrg@gmail.com


SALES:  Submitted artwork must be available for sale.  THE VOICE OF ART will retain a 35% commission for works sold during the exhibition.  In the event an artwork sells, TVOA will handle the payment process with the buyer.  Once payment is made, the artist will be liable for shipping & handling directly.  Artists will be paid no later than 30 days after the payment is completely made. 

LIABILITY:  Neither THE VOICE OF ART nor any participating venues is responsible for loss or damage to any Artwork before, during, and after the exhibition.  All accepted artists will be required to fill out the form, Hold Harmless Agreement provided by TVOA.  Artwork will be handled with all possible care.  We recommend that artists should carry their own insurance.

ARTIST'S CONSENT:  By submitting your work to this exhibition, all artists agree to allow reproductions of their digital files and/or photographs taken of their art for any educational, marketing, archival, publicity and public relations purposes by THE VOICE OF ART management.

RESTRICTIONS:  By submitting your artwork, you acknowledge that you are at least 18 years of age and the original creator of the artwork.  You may NOT submit any artwork that is currently under exclusive representation agreement or contract by any other gallery or entity.

IMAGE CONTENT:  THE VOICE OF ART GALLERY is open to visitors of all ages.  As such, we ask that submitted artwork be suitable for viewing by all ages.  Fine art nude artwork cannot be accepted for THE VOICE OF ART GALLERY contests or exhibits.  It is not our intention to censure any artwork but THE VOICE OF ART GALLERY management reserves the right to determine suitability of any artwork submitted.  We ask artists to respect this limitation regarding image content.

Salon de Litchfield is made possible by:

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