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Virtual Gallery

"Why Go Virtual?"

More Advantages & Opportunities

Experience The Voice of Art Virtual Gallery!

TVOA has launched a pioneering 3D walk-through virtual gallery in response to the digital art world where viewers can enjoy an interactive experience.  Take advantage of new opportunities for your art with The Voice of Art Virtual Gallery today! 


  • Convenience​                         

  • Unlimited Connection  

  • Art in Business: Double Exposures through Venue Show Opportunities


The Voice of Art Virtual Gallery Show is NOT another online gallery show that simply displays your artwork on our website.  We hang your work in our beautiful, spacious 3D virtual gallery where viewers can enjoy an interactive experience.  TVOA is launching this gallery because many viewers today, and increasingly more in the future, simply don’t have enough time for visiting a physical gallery; rather they prefer looking at art online, hoping for a similar experience to the actual visit.  Inevitably, the art world is moving into the virtual gallery zone.  This dramatic change is NOT the end of gallery shows but brings MORE advantages and opportunities when your art is shown in The Voice of Art Virtual Gallery:

Convenience to Artists & Viewers

  • With a virtual gallery, there is no drop-off and pick-up. How convenient is that!

  • Viewers and potential buyers can revisit your artworks multiple times without traveling to a physical place, where some might never even get to. Becoming familiar with your art by repeated views will play a significant role in the recognition and sales of your work, even in the future.

  • Making a purchase will be as easy as on any other online purchases. Billing will be handled through TVOA—you will ship your work and simply receive your payment.

  • You may show your work in other exhibits concurrently since your work is digitally displayed at TVOA Virtual Gallery without schedule hassles.


Unlimited Connection with longer exposures of artwork 

  • Yes, there are many free online services to display your artwork, but they don’t bring your work to your actual, potential clientele unless they seek you out. Our Virtual Gallery will be DELIVERED to our potential clientele, the REAL viewers, through our proactive E-Newsletters and social media, highlighting your work for more views for a longer period of time than in a physical gallery. The number of views for each successive E-Newsletter is already increasing dramatically, bringing in more subscribers throughout CT and beyond through unlimited online communication.

  • Your viewers can easily obtain the information regarding your work and directly request TVOA for other relevant information, such as your bio or artist statement.


Art in Business: Double Exposures through Venue Show Opportunities

  • Your art will be shared with a significant number of profitable business owners or managers who will offer their locations for our VENUE SHOWS. 

  • An emerging set of art dealers is now specializing in work available only online, and could see your art in our Virtual Gallery.


So, what are you waiting for?  The Voice of Art Virtual Gallery looks forward to seeing your work in our current and future Calls for Artists!

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