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Mission Statement

The Voice of Art (TVOA) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) visual art organization founded in 2017.  

It is dedicated to creating art experiences that enrich the lives of CT residents throughout the state. 

Our current vision for The Voice of Art is to provide meaningful integration of arts and cultural community-building activities for residents of the Litchfield community.  Also, TVOA is expanding its educational and health-related studio art program for residents of the Litchfield community and aims to reach a wider and diverse audience through such activities as classes, workshops, and outreach programs for community, all with the goal of inspiring and educating.

TVOA also aims to provide opportunities for new viewers to experience high-level artworks by emerging and established artists through accessible exhibitions of their work, both in TVOA’s virtual gallery and in venues provided by multiple business communities.   

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Statement

The Voice of Art believes its community of artists, staff and board play a unique role in modelling the humanity in all of us.  Because we value the arts as a universal language, we strive to create socially just learning environments that are reflective of the surrounding towns’ demographics and that affirm and practice the values of equity, diversity, and inclusion through the various roles and responsibilities we have in all our work.

We respect all communities with which we work and strive for ongoing reflection on patterns of racism, sexism, heterosexism, cis-sexism, classism, ableism, nativism, ageism, religious, body type and other forms of discrimination and oppression that can negatively affect anyone in the surrounding communities.


  Equity: fairness and justice for all people.

  Diversity: variety, multiplicity, and intersectional.

  Inclusion: authentic representation, empowered participation, full access,

                    and true belonging. 

Meet Our Board of Directors

ID-Artist 4-Website-1.jpg

Hannah Jung, Director/Artist-in-Residence

Hannah founded The Voice of Art in 2017 and is currently working as a Director and Artist-in-Residence.  She was born in South Korea and came to U.S. for her graduate study after obtaining her BFA in Painting from Seoul National University in 2000.   Hannah has been an exhibiting artist in CT and taught at Housatonic Community College, Albertus Magnus College, as well as public and private schools.  A Juried Artist from Silvermine Guild Arts Center (New Canaan) and a recipient in the Art of the Northeast and the I-Park Artists Residency Program, her work has been exhibited nationwide, including Promenade Gallery at the Bushnell (Hartford), Gallery Korea, Korean Embassy (Washington D.C.), Vision Gallery (NYC), and The White Gallery (Lakeville, CT), to name a few. 

Priscilla received_740281066947285.jpeg

Priscilla Meleschnig 

A Resident of Berlin, CT, and Educator.

Priscilla Meleschnig comes from an artistic family in music and the arts and is believing in the impact of arts and culture in the community. She spends her day working with families as a special educator in the Birth to Three system for 30 years.

Ricciuti-Phil 1.jpg

Phillip Ricciuti, Esquire 

Phil is an attorney and practices law in Cheshire, Connecticut at Fazzone Ryan & Ricciuti, LLC.  He graduated from Quinnipiac University School of Law and has been practicing law since the year 2000 and specializes in the areas of residential and commercial real estate, estate planning and probate administration.  He enjoys serving the community through volunteering at charitable organizations as well as helping TVOA's Litchfield Art Festival.  He also enjoys the arts and cultural activities, playing golf, music and other sports.  

Robert Pohl-photo.jpg

Rev. Robert Pohl

The Rev. Robert Pohl is a retired Lutheran pastor who served most recently at St. Peter’s Lutheran Church in Cornwall, CT. During the 49 years since his ordination, he has also served congregations in Hanover, MA, Sarasota, FL, and Chicago, IL.  Rev. Pohl and his wife, Anne-Marie, have been married for 50 years, and are proud parents of four sons. They enjoy their five grandchildren who range in age from 13 to 22.  Rev. Pohl looks for a sacramental quality in paintings that allows the viewer to connect with the depth of the sacred Presence of the Divine, and he appreciates the opportunity to work with Hannah Jung as she seeks to uphold and promote local artists. 


Quinn Mitchell

Quinn is a gifted and passionate Saxophonist, an electrical engineer, and a father of two children.  He became acquainted with The Voice of Art through the Litchfield Art Festival and now serves as a dedicated Board of Director at The Voice.  


Advisory Board Member.

A Resident of Cheshire, CT, and a CPA

As one of Founding Members of The Voice of Art, Mr. Park joined and helped Hannah establish the legal foundation of The Voice of Art.  He has been serving The Voice of Art behind the scene through his professional knowledge and working experiences since its inception.

"Be a Voice of 2019!"


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