Past Exhibition

Juried Art Exhibition 

"Sound of Colors"

March 2 - 30, 2019

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Best in Show: 

Gomez & Martel Music Prize

“Morning on Mars” by Ralph Levesque

Second Place: 

Jerry’s Artarama Prize

“Nocturne Op.9 #2” by Clinton Deckert

Third Place

Wholesale Frame Co. Prize

“Sunset on Crow Hill” by Elaine Lyman

Honorable Mentions:

“Visitors in My Garden” by Stanwyck Cromwell

“Willimantic: Sanctuary City” by Carol Vinick

“Deconstructed Iris” by Sunny Swearsky


Online-Levesque_Morning on Mars.jpg
Best in Show: 
“Morning on Mars” by Ralph Levesque
Mixed media
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"Manifesting the Aura"   G Fellner
"Manifesting the Aura" G Fellner
"Crackle"   J Stuart
"Crackle" J Stuart
"Of Two Minds: Olivia"   Chaiken
"Of Two Minds: Olivia" Chaiken
"Spring Flowers Bursting"  L Cuchara
"Spring Flowers Bursting" L Cuchara
"Savin Rock Sunset" S Zyla
"Savin Rock Sunset" S Zyla
"Fugue Exposition"   C Deckert
"Fugue Exposition" C Deckert
"From a Distance"  L Culmone
"From a Distance" L Culmone
"Listening/Not Listening"   Zyla
"Listening/Not Listening" Zyla
"The Right"   M Tragakiss
"The Right" M Tragakiss
"Journey into Imagination" Kurwelnz
"Journey into Imagination" Kurwelnz
"Church courtyard in Verona"  Gent
"Church courtyard in Verona" Gent
"Within the Sea"   Culmone
"Within the Sea" Culmone
"Sparks at the Steel Mill" T Cuchara
"Sparks at the Steel Mill" T Cuchara
"Cookie Cutter"  C Zyrek
"Cookie Cutter" C Zyrek
"Carnival"   S Cromwell
"Carnival" S Cromwell
"The Plane Tree"  J Leombruni
"The Plane Tree" J Leombruni