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Member Show: Spring 2023
April 8 – May 31, 2023

Juried Artists:
Ann Kraus 
(Acrylic on canvas)
Catherine Natale (Oil on panel)
George Fellner (Digital archival print)
Don Sexton (Oil on canvas)
Letitia McPhedran 
(Oil on canvas)
Michele Tragakiss (Acrylic/ink/canvas)
Patricia Weise (Gouache on paper)
Associate Artists:
Cynthia Fazekas 
(Ink on paper)
Edith LaMonica (Oil on canvas)
Jacquelyn Etling (Infrared photo)
Jeanne Kenney (Oil on canvas)
Jeanne Steers (Mixed media)
Josette Millar (Oil on linen)

Lucia Sokol (Watercolor on paper)
Nina Khatashvili (Acrylic on canvas)

Tina Puckett (Fiber)

Experience a Pioneering 3D Walk-through Virtual Gallery!



                    MENU                       INFO 

1) To visit the exhibition, please click anywhere in the image below

2) On the full-view screen (new page), click either "Enter Exhibition" or "Start Guided Tour" 

3) To access different options, click on MENU icon (three bars) on the top right corner

4) Learn about the details of each artwork:

     Click the artwork for a close-up look and click the INFO icon on the top right corner

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This Show has been closed
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