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The Voice of Art Juried Artist
Catherine Natale
My art seeks to capture something beyond the mesmerizing colors and textures of sea, sky and shoreline, and the observed world. Instead, I seek to express the inner landscapes of my mind as they express themselves in the forms of nature observed from afar and close-up. Places I have visited over the years provide inspiration-- Newfoundland, Patagonia, the Noatak River area of Alaska, the Jurassic coasts of Dorset and Yorkshire--all of which attracted me with their rock- and boulder-strewn shorelines, an endless sky and remoteness from the rest of the world. Annual visits to Martha's Vineyard--where surfcasting has meant much more than just catching a striper or blue for dinner—unfold the elusive connections between sea and sky, man and fish, the here and now and the world beyond.
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